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Pinback Buttons Guide

Pin-back Buttons: A Guide



Pin-back buttons are not really buttons per se, that is used to fasten clothes.It is rather a pin button or sometimes called a badge that can be fastened through garments and soft materials with the use of a safety pin. Then this safety pin is attached to the back of a circular or button-shaped metal disk. The front portion of this disk is where the designs are usually put. It could either be an image, quotes or both. This pin-back buttons have many uses. Some are used for aesthetic purposes such as bag designs or it could be used for propaganda. For example promoting a politician, company, advocacy, or a certain group.


The pin-back buttons' original use is for election campaigns. It was made for that particular purpose. A candidate could have his logo fastened to his or her person and also his or her supporters. This way you could promote a certain politician without even having to speak you just need to wear the pin-back button.


But nowadays people have veered away from its original purpose and has found many other uses of pin-back buttons. As mentioned above there are hundreds of ways to use a pin-back button but the purposes mainly resides to the user       .


Pin-back buttons from could have different designs depending on the purpose. One of the most famous use of pin-back buttons are fan merchandise. Fan merchandise refer to things that have a band logo or picture on it or what not. For example a t-shirt with the name of the band is a fan merchandise, likewise a pin-back button that has a picture of the bag could also be one. Another use of the pin-back button is for purely aesthetic reason. For instance you could put flower prints on the front portion of the metal disk then you could attach these to your pants, shirt, or even dresses. It could also be used as giveaways.


A reason for its fast growing popularity is that pin-back buttons have a big impact but the production cost is not that big. This means that the effect of the pin-back button is very cost-effective. And also these materials could last a long time as long as the wearer would take great care of it. But one of the main problems with pin-back buttons is that they tarnish easily if they get wet. So in order to combat this kind of problem don't let it get wet. Click here to get more details.